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Norwich Head
Saturday 25th February 2023

Held under British Rowing rules of rowing & racing and RowSafe

2023 Results

Entries close 6pm on Saturday 18th February

The draw will take place on Sunday 19th February at 6.30pm at Whitlingham Boathouse

Division 1 start at 10:15am

Long course: 5,000m Riverscourt to Whitlingham Green

Open Men:  8+, 4x, 2x

Open Women:  4+, 4-, 2-, 1x

Open Mixed:  8+, 4x

Masters Men:  4+, 4-, 2-, 1x

Masters Women:  8+, 4x, 2x

Masters Mixed:  4+, 4-, 2x

Junior  Boys:  4+, 4-, 2-, 1x

Junior Girls:  8+, 8x+, 4x, 2x

Division 2 start at 12:45pm

Short course: 1,900m Colmans Rail Bridge to down-cut stream end of "The Cut"

Juniors, Seniors and Masters - all boat categories except 8+

Division 3 start 2:45pm

Long Course: 5,000m Riverscourt to Whitlingham Green

Open Men:  4+, 4-, 2-, 1x

Open Women:  8+, 4x, 2x

Open Mixed:  4+, 4-, 2x

Masters Men:  8+, 4x, 2x

Masters Women:  4+, 4-, 2-, 1x

Masters Mixed:  8+, 4x

Junior  Boys:  8+, 8x+, 4x, 2x

Junior Girls:  4+, 4-, 2-, 1x

  • Entries by BROE only: £12 per seat - payment preferred by BROE but BACS also accepted

  • A prize will be awarded to a winning crew for an event with at least 3 competing entries.

  • The committee reserves the right to move junior competitors up an age category as per BR rules.

  • Masters handicaps will be applied as per British Rowing rules. Up to 3 consecutive Masters age categories may be grouped together for a single event although more may be possible on request.

  • The Bullard Cup will be awarded to the fastest Junior Single Sculler racing the long course (Division 1 or 3). 

  • Trophies are also awarded to the fastest male and female 8+ (raw time)

  • Presentation of prizes will be held at the Whitlingham Boathouse after the completion of Division 3

  • For all enquiries please contact Sarah Lister (event secretary)

       Telephone: 07881.911.800      Email:

Regatta Documents

Race Day Information

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