The Open Squad

The Open squad consists of three levels of Open rowing. Novice, Intermediate and Senior. The squad caters for adults from age 18 to mid-thirties looking to compete at National level open events over both sprint distance of 2km as well as Head racing.

We welcome athletes new to rowing, who have graduated from our Learn to Row programs, rowers moving to Norwich, or returning to rowing from a period away.

The Senior level athletes within this squad have been very successful competing at National Championship level and qualifying for Henley Royal Regatta and Henley Women’s Regatta. Recent HRR crews have raced in 8’s, 4x’s, 4-‘s and 2x’s and 1x’s. Squad members have also recently rowed for GB, England, and Eastern Region in various boat classes. Squad selection requires training sessions 3-4 time per week for the Novice group through to 7 plus times per week for the Seniors


Coaches: Novice - Nick Francis, Intermediate - Calum Page, Senior - Richard Hoare