Masters Squads, Men and Women

Over 15 years the Masters squad has been the largest group in the club. The men and women rowers (27-80+) span the full range of abilities (novice to elite), skills and commitment levels.

They love rowing, feeling fitter, enjoying the river and regularly meeting other rowers. Some have come up through Norwich Rowing Club's 'Learn To Row' scheme. Others have returned to rowing often after a break of many years.

The Masters' crews regularly win regattas and Head races including our own Norfolk Sculls, Carrow Cup and the Norwich Head of the river. Almost every year NRC sends crews to Amsterdam and Rouen.


The Carrow Cup was first raced in 1813 and, outside the Dogget's Coat and Badge Races for London Watermen, is believed to be the oldest rowing trophy in this country and now attracts novice and elite crews.

Some Masters want to race and others want to row socially. Everyone can use the gym equipment to get or stay fit. All, whether they've just learnt to row or are Elite and racing at National and World level, happily enjoy each other's company over a bacon and egg roll on a Saturday morning or at one of our Club events.

Squad Representatives, Men: Mike Bond, Women: Katherine Trehane