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Norwich Yare 15k
Sunday October 29th 2023
Held under British Rowing rules of rowing & racing and RowSafe

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The Norwich Yare 15km Head Race is a new event being held this year on the Yare River in Norwich, Norfolk.

This will be a 15km head race from XXX upstream back towards Norwich on Sunday 29th October 2023.

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Event details

The event will hold divisions for Traditional Rowing Boats, Kayaks, and rowing boats both standard and adaptive. There will be categories in both Kayak and Rowing boats based on size, sex and age (Junior, Open and Vet divisions will be included)

The Yare river is wide and easily navigable.  Enjoy rowing through the countryside of Norfolk and through the heart of Brunall township. There are a few tight corners over the 15km race course, these will all be marshalled to assist with visibility. We recommend that coxswains and steerers watch our video of the course to familiarise themselves ahead of race day. 

Watch the course video here 

Train on Saturday, race on Sunday - row to the start etc. Join us for our regular Saturday cooked breakfast at Bettys Bar in the Whitlingham Boathouse before heading off on your row...

Race schedule and start order:

Boats can be stored on-site at the start line overnight Saturday, so can be rowed or trailered to the launching area and start the day prior or on race day itself.

  • 8am - Traditional boat start

  • 8.30am - Adaptive rowing boat start

  • 9am - Single and double Kayaks, & selective Single & Double rowing boats

  • 9.30am - All other Single and Double rowing boats

  • 10am - Rowing Boats (4x, 4-, 4+, 8+) and Kayak K4


Post Race

  • All racing is expected to be completed by around midday Sunday with all crews and boats meeting back  on shore at Whitlingham Boathouse for BBQ, drinks and prize giving post

  • Trophies will be awarded for fastest Traditional, Kayak and Rowing crew

  • Pots/medals will be awarded for categories

  • Vets and junior events will be banded to ensure competition and to minimise the number of categories for racing

  • Entry can be made through BROE for rowing boats and through the form attached for Traditional and Kayak


  • Entry fees

    • ​Traditional boat £20​

    • Kayaks K1 £5, K2 £10, K4 £15

    • Rowing Boats £15 per seat

  • For all enquiries please contact Sarah Lister (event secretary)

       Telephone:  07881.911.800       Email:

General notes

  • The course is approximately 15km long with another 2km to row back to the club rooms at the finish. It is expected that all competitors will be capable of achieving this distance .

  • As the course is so long, there will be minimal marshals on the course. Coxswains and Steerers should all be capable of navigating a course with numerous corners for general rowing and for overtaking. Please take time to review the course video prior to the event .

  • Overtaking while racing. We expect fair racing for and from all competitors. Both overtaking boats, and those being overtaking should take appropriate care to perform this maneuver safely and not to impede progress for either crew. It is expected that slower boats should move out of the way of those overtaking.

  • Boat launching and the start line will be at xxxx pub. The Finish line is at Whitlingham Green. Please see the course map for more detail.

  • Start line is approx. 30min drive from Norwich Rowing Club. Crews may decide to row to the start the day prior to racing and store the boats on shore overnight (security will be provided), or can trailer boats to the start on the Sunday prior to the start times.

  • Various view points along the course

Regatta Documentation

Race Day Information

  • Event Poster

  • Maps for Site access, trailer parking and carparking can be found here

  • The Draw will be posted here once completed

  • Course maps (to download)

  • Boating Times will be available here

  • Competitor Information

  • Results will be posted here upon completion of the event

Event Documents​

  • Risk Assessment Plan

  • Event Safety Plan

  • Emergency Response Plan

  • Safeguarding Document

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